Friday, August 10, 2012

I Just Lubs Cubbies!!

Today I wanted to share an addition to my craft room.  While junking with Cathie and Jenn last weekend, we visited the estate sale of an artist.  She had lots of funky cubbies, and I love cubbies, but most were attached to the wall and were  not for sale.  I found this one in the basement, sitting on a pallet in the laundry room.  It had never been painted and was probably 50 or more years old.

If you know anything about painting old wood, you know, especially here in Utah's desert, that it is very dry and will soak in amazing amounts of paint.  This set of cubbies was no different,  in fact I gave it four coats of paint.  Its actually a creamy white, though I know it looks yellow in my pics, oops.

Above you see my window wall in my craft room as it was.  I love the vintage doll dressers, but they are not long on storage, and I am afraid they add clutter in a room where I am fighting a clutterish tendency. 
 After the long suffering Mr. P hauled the cubbies upstairs for me, and helped me position them, I got right to work and added these rub on lower case 'type' style letters, just for fun.

And here is the 'finished' project.  Much less cluttery, don't you think?  I am hoping to fill them 'artistically' ... I definitely have enough stuff to do them justice.  Wish me well!


  1. Love your new cubby! And I just bought myself a vintage doll dresser. Hehehe. I "think" I have a spot for it. :@

  2. Looks nice and sleek. What great piece! Have fun filling it up :) Should probably get some new things ;)

  3. Good job! Definitely looks better and provides more space.

  4. Lovely! I agree, it looks better with the cubbies, although the little dressers sure are cute~ Thanks so much for sharing at Etcetorize this week!

  5. One can never have too many cubbies! I love it!