Saturday, August 25, 2012

Original Paintings Exhibit

Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.
- Theodore Dreiser
Can I just say, to begin, that I have always been fascinated with art.  Among my first memories are being taught to draw a stylized woman's figure when I was about 5, my teacher was a mentally handicapped 10 year old.  I never forgot that magic.  Because of this love, and the professional artists I have had the honor of knowing, I  have come to love original art.  I have never had the deep pockets required to be a patron of the arts, but I have always had the desire.  Thus, I have collected a very few, and mostly anonymous works of original art, and I would like to share them with you.


This lovely study of white roses in green and white was a score at a yard sale at the time I was collecting antique  Sunday artist rose paintings. I cannot tell you how my heart stopped when I saw it, priced at $25!!  It now hangs in my bedroom, long after all the pink rose primitive paintings have been hauled off to the antique mall and sold.  I love the color scheme, in fact it pretty much reflects the colors of the room.  (I know, I know, real art doesn't need to match the sofa.)

This charmer only became mine because it had been damaged and then was poorly repaired.  Note the green blob by Peter's elbow.  It was from the estate of a professional illustrator, and may have been a magazine cover.  The artist, whose name I do not know, used his daughter as a model. Lets just say it is the most I have ever spent on a painting, other than the one I commissioned.  I am a lover of children's stories so with Peter Pan, I was a goner at first site.  As you can see the painting is huge, about four feet tall!

This wonderful study of nasturtiums, is another garage sale find.  My heart started pounding the second I saw it, and it was mine for $15 ... thank heavens for clueless offspring.

This one came out of the estate of a hoarder who bought everything at second hand stores and garage sales. You probably recognize it as a rendition of the return of the prodigal son.  Digging through the broken, and dusty, and ruined stash to find this at the button of a box was pure joy.  This painting is clearly an old one, and reminds me of the work of a famous local artist.  I haven't had it checked out, mostly because that would likely end my hopes.  
And last of all, though you had probably seen it before, is a painting I commissioned of my husband in a period clothing set to the date of the historic house we own. 
I have had several paintings come into my possession and pass on, but these are the ones that took up residence in my heart, I hope you enjoyed seeing them.

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