Monday, August 20, 2012

Naming My Garden House

Oh my, the garden house is coming right along ... I even decided on a name and made this name 'plate' for above the door.  I found the border for it at Graphics Fairy, and enlarged it, printing it out on four pages.  Then I cut it out closely and decoupaged it in pieces onto the painted wood.  Next I stamped the words 'chawton cottage' last of all adding a silhouette of Jane Austen, who wrote most of her books while living in Chawton Cottage at the bequest of her brother, in Chawton England in the early 1800's pretty much until her death.

This cottage has just been a dream come true ... the plans have evolved over the last 5 or 6 years, and yes, the spandral determined the pitch of the roof. 
To see the evolution of the building of the cottage this summer you can check out  1. its beginnings, then you can see it painted with the 2. door and spandral in place, and also see it after the side       3. patchwork window walls are added.  I think I am getting very close to a final revel ... and I can hardly wait!!!

I originally considered putting the name on a board sign, and then attaching it to the cottage, but when the thought of using a border instead, came to me, I liked it. Of course there are many, many coats of clear varnish sprayed over the decoupage and stamping to protect them from the weather.


  1. I saw your beautiful cottage house on the Graphics Fairy site. It's beautiful! So much detail and my favorite round top door. Love the windows too. Since you allow "pins", I put it on Pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. It looks great! What a lovely space.

  3. The perfect finishing touch! It's beautiful! I bet it's a tad bittersweet...I feel that way sometimes when the long-dreamed of project is finally complete. But now you can enjoy it for many years to come. Congratulations! =D

  4. I love the paint color of the door and spandrel. I'm always trying to find that perfect shade of vintage green I so love, and I think that's it! I would sit inside and just enjoy the views through those gorgeous old windows!

  5. Just love your playhouse. It is so fun and whimsical. Lucky you. Blessings Paula

  6. That looks so beautiful Paula! I know how long you have wanted to have that special little place! Your dream has come true! xoxo

  7. This is the prettiest " garden house " I've seen yet!
    Have got to follow you now to see the final reveal!
    Would love you to visit and follow back when you have the time

  8. I love this! Especially Jane's silhouette.

  9. Very sweet, congratulations!!! You did a beautiful job on this!