Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake and Drink Milk!

Last Saturday we attended two wedding celebrations.  Both were back yard receptions, in amazingly landscaped enclosures, and both served milk.  I have never been to a reception that served milk, so that was surprising. 

The first reception served smores.  There were all the makings, assorted chocolate, marshmallows and, of course gram crackers ... hmmm when I think gram crackers, I think milk! Voila!

All of these pictures are from the second reception ... an over the top, amazing cake buffet ... OK there were some cookies too, but milk seems perfect for that menu as well!

Chelsea, is a second generation cake decorator extraordinaire!!  She spent the three days before her wedding and made all the cookies and cup cakes shown here.

... and yes, she also make the wedding cake.  I wish that my pictures could do justice to the charming 16 foot long display of goodies on assorted and adorable cake plates and tiered dessert servers.  This girl definitely has a knack!

... and here she is with her new husband!!  I have known her since she was three  ... and I love happy endings, or should I say beginnings?

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