Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dressing Dolls with Hankies.

For those among you who are doll lovers, I thought  I would share some doll clothes that my friend LaVern has made out of hankies.  The three dolls to the right all have aprons on their dresses that are made from hankies.

These ten inch tall Patsy dolls are both wearing dresses that are made of a single hankie.  LaVern says that the styles in the 40's, when these dolls were new, were simple and little girls wore their dresses very short, so, voila, a lovely, light weight dress.  I especially love the ruffled cap sleeves on the doll in rollarskates.
These sweet Storybook Babies are all dressed in a single hankie as well.

This larger doll has a hankie collar.

If you are a long time reader, you know how talented LaVern is ... she makes dolls shoes, and even wigs.  She crochets booties, even for the tiny Story Book Babies.  I hope that you got some new ideas for dressing your own naked dolls, you know the ones that you have tucked away somewhere! Well, thanks for coming.

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