Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Easy Books Craft!

Here's a super simple craft that has the look of shabby, French White and is also a little bit Steampunk...  I collected some old books, peeking down the back of their spines to make sure their 'underwear' was pretty.  I got them at a thrift store in Idaho that let you fill a bag for just a buck ... OK, I also found an Anne Perry I hadn't read, and a cool book of short stories about English Manor House Murders ... (shiver)

I tore off the covers, then printed off a great graphic looking fan illustration, probably originally from a catalog, via Graphics Fairy, of course.  I used an old book page and ran it through my printer.  Then I wrapped the stack with with some torn muslin, and acetate crumpled ribbon.  I strung little metal letter tags onto an old bit of wire, and added a rusty key!

I think it would look great in an all white, industrial decor scheme. For now I am saving it for, what else, flea-o-logy!! 


  1. Nice! I really like it! So elegant. And I think it's hilarious that you call the inside of the book- underwear! Haha!

  2. Awesome, I think I've filled those bags at the same thriftstore. LOL