Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Royal Canisters - A Makeover

Today's makeover is a set of square hinged lid canisters.  I love canisters, they make great storage.  In the bathroom for extra TP, shampoos, makeup, brushes, even wash clothes can be tucked out of sight.  Their usefulness in a project room are never ending, and of course we all know what to do with them in the kitchen.

This set is not terribly old, I think they held various teas in a shop at one time, as indicated by the labels.  I found 12 of them at Treasures Antiques where I work for $1.50 each.  Whoa, they were there a week before I saw them and scooped them all up.... guess no one else saw the potential ... or no one else is crazy, one or the other.

It did take a good 4 coats of spray paint to completely cover the dark green.  Then I added the crowns gathered from Graphics Fairy, using the reverse modpodge method I favor.  They did try my patience, at least the third one did, I had to do the crown four times before I got it right ....  Next I sealed them with spray varnish.  Sweet crumpled green acetate ribbon and an old rusty key finished them off.  Now they are ready for flea.o.logy, I am going to have my booth in my new garden house, how fun is that?  Can you believe its just 10 days away? Guess I better get busy!

Thanks for coming along and sharing my crafty side.  ;-)


  1. Those are great! I probably wouldn't have seen all the potential either! I have still never done a reverse transfer with mod-podge. When you said you had to do one over, does it just wipe off? Or do you have to re-paint? They sure look great! Good job! Have fun with your booth!!!!!

    1. You csn usually wash it off with a soft cloth and water, the modpodge is water based, that is why I always seal the completed projects.

  2. Those look beautiful Paula! How on earth did you get four coats on without them dripping? I am so impatient...they would have been a total mess with me at the helm! LOL!

  3. Coming over from Faded Charm....love what you did with these! xoxo

  4. I love those. They turned out great.

  5. Wow Pollyana, these are so cute! Awesome job and I love the transfer you chose! You are so imaginative and creative.
    Hope you'll come party with us at Frugal Treasures Tuesday and share your project!

  6. Great makeover! Those crowns are right up my alley! Now I'm sorry I didn't get a canister set I was standing and looking at for a good 5 minutes at Goodwill. I must have seen something in them or I wouldn't have stood there that long looking at them, but I wound up passing. Oh well, I'll have to check next time I'm there. Maybe I'll get lucky and they will still be there!

  7. Very cute! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!