Monday, August 13, 2012

Utah Shakespeare Festival 2012

Here we are again.  This is a picture of myself, second to the right, with members of the Walden Ladies' Book Club on our annual pilgrimage to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in lovely

Between us we attended 6 different plays this year: Les Miserables, The Merry Wives of Windsor, Scapin, The Proposals and Hair Spray, the last two at other theaters.  We also attended 'Bardway Baby', an 11:00 PM show starring actors from all the productions singing Broadway favorites.  Of course the Green Show and several seminars were also part of our experience.  One of the producers said, "People come here for the plays but come back for the seminars."  I have to admit I agree.

I always enjoy the life size bronzes around the festival site, this lovely lady (above) just charmed me.  We also took a wander through the 'Mideval Market Place' where artisans shared their wares.  This stone is called bumble bee something, sort of cool looking!!
This green stone is native to Utah. In all there were lots of amazingly colored polished stones in this vendors booth.

This lady spins her own wool and weaves wonderful fabrics from it.  The item I am holding is a woven dish towel, it is so beautiful I think I will use it as a runner instead!

Here we are at the Garden House for dinner, a regular stop for us.  The other restaurant we love in town is called the Pastry Pub and has the most amazing sandwiches and salads ... and of course pastries.
Now that I am back home I can get back to crafting and reinventing, and I hope to share some fun goodies with you all this week!! 

 Oh and by the way, surprisingly, my favorite play this year was The Merry Wives of Windsor, and we have all come home with a new determination to see more Shakespeare in the future!!  Some of us may even sneak back for the fall season ...

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