Saturday, April 21, 2012

Primary Children's KSL Celebrity Dinner!

Its time for My Saturday Style.   Today I am going to share one of my favorite events of the year, The KSL-Primary Children's Radiothon Celebrity Dinner.  Whoa, that's a mouth full.  A local radio station, KSL, does a radiothon once a year to raise money for our local children's hospital to finance charity care.  My dh and I have been involved in this fund raiser for more than 20 years.  The Celebrity Dinner is the culminating event of the fund raiser and always has an inventive theme that allows us to dress up.  This year it was the Mad Hatter's Garden Party.  Above I am shown with my dh and our friends Jeff and Robin.

Here are Randy and Barb, also long time participants and good friends.

The center pieces were adorable.

It was also great to have a couple of my sons and their wives along to share the fun.  This is Nell and Trevor.  Nell borrowed the funky Medusa hat from her sister Sarah, and it won her a wonderful prize, she was one of only 5 people awarded prizes.

This is Davin and his wife Briahnna, as you see not everyone participates in dressing up, but everyone definitely participates in having fun!

 These are a few of the hats that I thought were charming.   This fun steampunk style top hat was worn my Radio Personality Amy Iverson.
This lady did not win, but she should have.   Her hat is actually a funky cloth doll like those you can pick up in the Bahamas and like places.  Isn't she clever?

 I adored this sweet little hat.  This charming young woman made it right before the event.  Maybe I love it because it suggest a good witch, and we all know how I love a good hearted witch!
 Of course a lot of the fun of the celebrity dinner is getting to meet the wonderful radio show hosts that we listen to everyday on the radio.  Here Scott is shown with Doug Wright on the left, one of his favorite personalities.  (and Mine too!) Scott has also worked with Doug on advertising that his employer had done.
Greg Wrubel is the sports caster for BYU and works with KSL broadcasting BYU events.  My son Trevor is a huge BYU fan, and thus a big Greg Wrubel fan (Beside which Greg is Canadian and hugely quippy, so you have to love him!).  Its just funny that he and Trevor wore matching 'hats'.  (He was the MC for the evening and said now he knows what a girl feels like when she shows up at the prom with the same dress as another girl!)
....And last, but not absoultely not least is Amanda Dixon, the cheerful, chirpy radio host to whom I wake up every morning.  I loved her hat and was going to get a picture of it before I realized that it was Amanda wearing it.

We have been going to these events for so long that we really have come to feel part of the KSL family.  What great and down to earth people they are, and its wonderful to come together for such an amazing cause.  Primary Children's is the main charity we support because their fund raisers are run by all volunteer teams and 100% of the money they raise goes to the hospital.  (We also support their other big fund raiser The Festival of Trees.)

Thanks for coming along ... Hope you love hats as much as I do!!  Oh and a special thanks to my friend Jenn for the great crown that I attached to my antique top hat to make my 'mad hatter' hat.


  1. Looks like lots of fun. I've been working on the Kids Korner committee for the festival of trees for almost ten years now. I really enjoy working with lots of wonderful women and PCH. I so wish I'd be here for Fleaology! Do you have a date for the next event? Mimi

    1. Yep, July 14th and September 1st. Glad to know you are a fan of PCMC too!!