Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thrifty Thursday Craft ... A Little Bit Steam Punk!

Its Thrifty Thursday and I have a fun cheapo makeover that I hope will make you smile.  I have had these two half dolls for several years.  I picked them up for next to nothing at an estate sale .... maybe two or three bucks each.  They were used in the 1920's through the 40's for the tops of pin cushions in which women stuck their hat pins.

I found the light bulb cage, which makes up the skirt of the girl on the right above, at the PCC Flea Market for $5. The tiny bird cage to the right was 'thrown in' at an estate sale where I bought a lot of other goodies about a month ago.
After I attached the half dolls to the cages, (Hot glue) and dressed them up with ribbon and lace, the thought occurred to me that it might be funny to put a bird in the bird cage ...  since this little cage has no opening I knew I could only use a flat image and I knew where to go for that.   I found this little guy at Graphics Fairy and hot glued him onto a wire that I then attached to the wire structure of the cage.

The light bulb cage is so sweet and so steampunky that I just added a length of wonderful old seambinding to give it a pop of color.

Of course the 'cage doll' with the light bulb cage wanted a bird too, so she got another Graphics Fairy beauty on her bonnet.

I know not everyone loves the whimsy of Steampunk like I do, but I thought this project was pretty tame ... and definitely a lot of fun. Thanks for coming along for a fun and cheap crafting afternoon!!


  1. They remind me of a window display at Disneyland...I love it when unexpected things are merged together! =D

  2. Incredibly charming!! Love 'em. . .

  3. These little ladies are fantastic!! They make me smile with their birds!! They also are reminiscent of the "cages" women wore under their skirts back "in the day"!! :) I love your imagination!!!!!

  4. I just love how you put this all together. It's so very "artsy".

  5. I think they turned out so very cute! I have an old half doll from my grandma. Mimi

  6. I had to google steampunk a while back to find out what it is. Then I fell in love with it. I don't have the talent to put something like that together but they are so awesome. Made me smile! thanks for sharing!

  7. These are just charming!

  8. Such a cute idea! It's fascinating what you can do with other's people's sell offs. Thanks for linking up at Etcetorize this week~