Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday Style - 'WIcked' my Favorite Play!

Saturday Style - My Style
 Today I am going to share my feelings about my favorite play, Wicked.    I first attended the play in New York before it had run a year.  Seeing it with the original cast was delightful, but I have gone on to see it three more times. We traveled to San Diego (for my daughter Becca's high school graduations) then saw it with our friends the Moes in Los Angeles, and finally, in Salt Lake City, compliments of my children, who went in together and bought us scalped tickets after I was unable to buy first market.  (They sold out in 24 hours, and though my kind friend Wendy was continually on the phone, alas, it was not to be.)
My amazing friends and family know how much I love this play.  The Wicked letters, (sporting my fav black and white polka dots) was a gift from my sister Joyce.

This charming glittered Wicked sculpture was a gift from my friend Wendy. (The smarty got it on clearance for like a buck after Halloween!)

And some of you may recall the sweet story of how my husband commissioned this amazing Elfaba doll from my favorite doll artist Reneta.

My friend Nikki gave me this adorable, more munchkin than witch, witch from a McDonald's Happy Meal and made by Madame Alexander.  She keeps watch over my scrapbooking desk and is always sure to make me smile.

My fleaology partner Jenn, who worked in NYC stage managing plays, asked me why I love this play so much.  She is not the first to ask, but this is what I told her: 
 Elphaba, as the wicked witch of the west, is one dimensional.  She is 'wicked' and we take no thought but to accept that.  In Gregory McGuire's book, Wicked; The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (On which the play is based), he takes a stab at understanding her character.  Once we learn of her life, and how she became the way she is, we begin question the title of 'Wicked'.  We realize that our perception of others may or may not be correct.  I believe this discovery process reiterates the fact that we cannot truly know another person, and given that, we should not judge others, a process which may just add sorrow to a sorrowful life.

Elphaba will always be a reminder to me that people are complex and I cannot understand and know them on sight, nor even after interacting with them for a long time.  Of course there are times we must be cautious, but this does not necessitate  labeling anyone as wicked or doing so with any other label.

So if you see this vehicle flying low sometime, you will know it is me.  My husband got me this personalized licence plate for my birthday one year.  His was the second request for 'Elphaba' so he went with the alternate spelling. 

Thanks for coming along and sharing my love of all things "Wicked'" and please don't judge me for loving it!  :-)


  1. Oh, I'm with you!! I've seen it two times, both in L.A. and each time it just thrilled me!!

    "Defying Gravity" is my favorite scene and song in the show. It's soaring feeling just takes me away!! :) For me, it's this scene where Elphaba has decided to be herself, no matter what people think, that makes this scene so powerful to me. She's had so much pain and disappointment and has lived the victim, but this turning point of the play where she's decided to rise above it and do what's it!!

    Haha!!! I've never really thought that through before!! I'm so glad you shared this!! It truly is a fantastic show..visually stunning (OMG, those costumes are amazing!!!) and the music is so easy to get caught up in and sing along!!!!

    1. So True! And I didn't even mention the music. The reason that we went to Wicked in San Diego is because my daughter Becca fell in love with the music and chose this for her Senior Trip ... My favs are 'Popular' and 'Loathing' .... though I love 'Defying Gravity' because its such a turning point for Elphaba.