Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's Wandering - The Los Angeles Flower Market

Today our Wednesday's wanderings take us back to LA.  My friend and fleaology partner Jenn (left) is a former LA resident and an aficionado of the flower market there.  So though we traveled to shop the PCC fleamarket, she just had share ... lucky us.

The amazing flowers sort of speak for themselves, don't you think ....

.... and my  fleaology partner Cathie was in photographer's heaven, pretty much.

 I loved the whimsy of these moss bunnies, just in time for Easter.

I hope you enjoyed a peek at the wonderful flowers at the market, I just wish there was a way to give a sense of the breadth of the space and all flowers available.  I found my bonsai tree for my miniature garden terrarium that I blogged about yesterday.  I also wish I could share the heavenly scent of all those flowers.

Thanks for coming along, and I hope you enjoyed your taste of the Los Angeles Flower market!


  1. Love all of the flowers, but what I really want to know is what the prices are on some of these bunches!

    1. The prices werer amazing, like a bundle of roses or tulips or whatever, a dozen or so, for $3 to $5 WOW!!

  2. Wow I would go wild in there. We have nothing like that in New Jersey.

  3. Looks like you had a great adventure! Oh my goodness those moss bunnies are to die for, how cute. The Flower District Los Angeles is an absolute haven for those of us that adore such beauty. Thank you for sharing.