Monday, June 11, 2012

50's Vintage Breakfast Trays

For Makeover Monday, I thought I would show you a project that has been in the planning stages for 8 years.  Whoa.  I bought this breakfast tray, a great 50's find, at an estate sale 8 years ago.  I love breakfast in bed and knew that this tray would replace the big fat wicker one that I had

been using and which took up a huge storage space, which meant I had to haul it up and down from the basement.  This tray was a delightful style, especially with its folding legs.  And because it folds flat I can store it next to the refrigerator.  I also loved the shabby blue paint ...

however, the plain Jane face of the tray was not exactly my style.  I even knew that I wanted pink roses on the tray.  At one point I bought a sticker of roses, that I did not really love and applied that.  But after doing my hamper last week, I knew what would look great!!  That is when I printed off another of the rose grouping I had used for the hamper, which I found at Graphics Fairy, of course, and decoupaged it onto the tray.   It happily turned out just as I had imagined it.

Also this week I found another bed tray from the 50's, but one unlike I have seen before.  It was 50 cents at a church rummage sale and is some kind of fiberglass, I think, with an interesting 'modern' shape and great folding metal legs.
 I thought the floral print was lovely, but realized that would limit me to using white dishes.  Fortunately I have a lovely set of white Rosepoint china.  Not sure when I will ever need two bed trays, but hey, I am ready when the need arrives.

And just for fun, here is my old blue tray in service, on this just past mother's day.  Didn't my husband make up a beautiful breakfast?  Of course, I did have to enlist him to help me eat it all, which he readily agreed to do.  He's such a good and accommodating man!
And here is wishing you many breakfasts in bed in your future!!


  1. Since I am a lazy person who seldom eats a meal at the kitchen table...most of my meals are in bed watching a huge TV screen. I may never have to get out of bed! You have so many great ideas! =D

  2. Personally, I couldn't stand to eat in bed. But I love the idea of serving something on these pretty trays to someone else. How lovely!

  3. The color of the tray with the pretty pink roses is so perfect!!


  4. Perfectly lovely and so "you!"

  5. I love the floral tray! And, that breakfast looks so delicious...what a great Mother's Day gift!

  6. Love both trays! The roses on the blue makes it look fabulous :)

  7. What a cute tray and blog! I'm a new follower, would love if you followed back at