Friday, June 15, 2012

Provo Historic Home Tour: Part 1

Yep its time for my Style Saturday.  Those who have followed my blog for very long, have probably figured out how much I LOVE old houses.
 Well this week I got to tour some lovely old dream homes as part of the Provo Historic Home Tour.  I am going to share one of my favorites and a few other fun details.  The house on the right was the first I saw and it was charming.
 It included a attic level master suite with slanty ceilings, a personal dream of mine.  It was so charming.  Note the sky light above the bed.  That means you can awaken in the night and do a little star gazing without moving a muscle!

Every alcove was charmingly appointed, with a seat of some kind and personal art and decor items to lift your spirits.

And as the frosting on the cake, for this charmer, there is even a garden house in the back yard.  The rest of the back garden is also charming with lots of flowers and sculpture, but the garden house was indeed the focal point.

This house, shown behind my DH and adorable grandson, who got his first lesson in antique architecture, was completely modern in its decor.  I liked the cut baby name pennant banner above the crib.

This charming house sported original windows and the prettiest little thirties cottage fireplace I have ever seen, shown below.

Last of all is a home I hope to see someday.  The owner is another antique dealer in town, Gary.  When we arrived for the tour, I ran into him, and found out that his house had been on the docket for the previous day. 
 It made me so sad to have missed it, and he has given me a rain check, but I thought I would show you some of the charming details from the outside.

I found the walk, lined with lavender flowers to be absolutely charming, and oh so inviting.

And aren't these old rusty metal chairs, so perfectly homey and sculptural?  Gary is nothing if not an artist, and has the best taste of just about any dealer of my acquaintance.  I love his stuff.

I am saving the best, though, for next Wednesday's Wanderings.  There is an amazing house built the same time as mine, with the garden of my dreams.  There will also be pictures of the only Bed and Breakfast in Provo.  And last of all I will share pictures of the gem of the town of Provo, an architectural delight .... so be sure to come back.

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