Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Room of Requirement Sign

So what, you may ask, is a room of requirement?  And if you need to ask its because you haven't read/watched Harry Potter lately.  The room of requirement was a room, full of all kinds of stacks of odds and ends which was, by definition, going to have what you  needed.  So since I have been putting together my crafts space with my scrap booking stuff and throwing in my sewing supplies, it seems to me that this new room really is my
Room of Requirement!

The door to this former guest bedroom, is the only room door in the entire house that still has its false graining.  I live in Utah, where hardwood trees are not native.  Those who settled Utah in the 1800's, when my house was built, were mostly from the east, and wanted the look of hardwood, but only pine and fir were available.  My home was built by a wealthy businessman, who could afford to have some red oak items shipped from the east, but the rest of the woodwork, including the floors were false grained.  The picture to the left shows some of this amazing faux finish.

However the whole door is NOT in good shape.  When we bought the house this door was covered in stickers and posters, and when I removed them, I found this.  That is why I thought that a sign for my Room of Requirement would be perfect, as it covers the damage.

I made the sign from a piece of an old door panel, that had formerly been made into a crafty sign that said "apples for sale", it was cute, but not me, though I loved the wood panel itself and tucked it away.  While moving the crafts supplies  up from the basement I ran across it again.  I found the adorable witch at Graphics Fairy.  I thought she was perfect, and definitely a practicer of 'White' magic.  Thanks for coming along to check out my funky new room sign .

... I am busy at work on my craft room .... I can't tell you how many times I trekked up three flights of stairs with piles and boxes and bags of crafts supplies .  Can I just say, I expect to be very sore tomorrow.


  1. Climbing and packing is the crafty woman's aerobics! You must get tire of me fawning all over your cleverness...but you are my idol! =D

    1. Shirley, I am pretty sure that no one could ever get tired or kind comments, such as yours. BTW, I am trying to figure out how to add the detail of bun feet to the cabinet ... I think I have figured it out ... show you later.

  2. Bun feet would be perfect on that cabinet! It is nice to have a functional craft room where you can leave projects that are waiting to be finished! Mine sure gets messy fast though. Love the sign. Lucky you to have some graining in your home. Mimi

  3. would you considering making one of these to sell? I love it :)