Monday, June 18, 2012

Upstyling an Old School Cubby Cabinet!

It is makeover Monday once more, and today I want to share a makeover I just finished.  I am in the process of setting up a craft room upstairs.  My former area was in the furnace room, and with no windows, and no real walls, it wasn't a place I wanted to go, so I decided to takeover the second guest room and make it my own.  (Of course a lovely big fat air mattress will reside in the closet just in case my grandkids from Idaho come to call!!  :-))

I bought what appears to be an old school cubby cabinet late last year at the antique mall where I work.  It was only around $40 and I thought it would make a great storage piece.  Now that the craft room is coming upstairs, I knew I would want it to be white ... and have some charm.

What a difference a few coats of white paint, and some graphics from Graphics Fairy can make.  It took several to put together these funny boy and girl bird designs, but they do make me smile.

As usual I used the reverse modpodge method.  You print the graphics backward, then cut them out and apply them print side down with modpodge to the furniture.  You allow them to dry and then slightly moisten a small area and rub away paper carefully with the tip of your finger, revealing the design on the surface a bit at a time.  You repeat until the design is completely exposed. 

 For the first time I allowed the design to dry again and then lightly sanded to take off the irregular bits of paper that seem to be left behind.  I thought it vastly improved the smoothness of the surface.  Then, as always, I sealed it with a coat of clear acrylic spray.
You can see here that my craft room is starting to come together.  I will be adding more and more storage items, many of which will need some rehabbing, so be sure to keep coming back to see the room become the fun and functional spot I have in mind.

Thanks for coming along and sharing my project!


  1. Oh my! That is fabulous! I love the color and the graphics! I haven't tried that method yet, but I plan to and thanks for the tips regarding it. You're craft room is coming along nicely. Isn't great to have your own space?

  2. Lucky you to have room where you can leave your works-in-progress out and close the door behind you. Your piece turned out great and all that storage! I haven't tried that transfer method yet, I usually trace the designs and paint them on, but your method seems like a lot less work. Did you think about adding some chunky bun feet or casters underneath the cabinet? Just a thought.

    I can't tell if your floors are painted or tile, but love them either way. Fun room!

    1. Oh yes, the bun feet would be charming. And the floor is painted. Thanks

  3. Oh I love cabinets and drawers! Nice work. :-)

  4. I vote for the bun feet...that is if I get a vote! I love how your room is coming together. I have a sewing room downstairs and a craft workshop built onto the garage...but I can't seem to stop doing my crafts on the kitchen island and making a mess. I need to rethink my priorities. All my guest rooms are filled with 2 adult daughters and a 50+ sister who just don't ever seem to completely leave the nest. I will enjoy your craft room (in the house) vicariously! =D

  5. Love Love it! I LIke your ideas for your craft room.. and the floor is classic! So beautiful!

  6. Very cute and great use of the Graphics Fairy images.