Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Provo Historic Tour: Part 2

And it is time for Wednesday's Wanderings once more.  You may have caught the first segment of the Historic Provo Home Tour that I posted last Saturday.  If so, you may appreciate that I saved the best for last.

This charming home was built just a few years after mine, and had identical  10 inch decorative baseboards.  The owners had taken the front parlor and knocked out a wall, to include a bedroom's worth of space for a really nice large 'great room' that managed to keep its historic character.

The kitchen and bathroom, had also been updated and had a modern feel, but because classic styles were used in the remodel, they maintain the historic feel as well.  Really one of the best blending jobs I have ever seen.

But if I was in awe over the house, you cannot begin to imagine my delighted sensibilities when I saw the garden.  The first thing one sees when leaving the house is this 20 foot long pergola, covered in blooming roses.

Lovely European garden features include the domed wire   and the concrete table and benches.  There were fountains and ponds and statuary, such a lovely and calm garden.  Then to top that, further back on the large lot are a charmingly groomed garden and a hen house.

Of course I loved the whimsical 'tin man' hanging from one of the sheds with his sardine can shoes.  So adorable!!

We also got to see a local bed and breakfast, one in which we have stayed.  There were just a couple of guest rooms available to view as the others were occupied.

It was my first time to see the library room,with the secret hideaway, accessed by this pivoting section of wall.  It also has a spiral staircase that goes up to a lovely bath in the dome, with a skylight, no less.  Imagine a bubble bath at midnight while gazing at the stars.  I could get used to that.

We finished off the tour with a historic building lecture at our Historic Library, formerly the original building of the Brigham Young Academy, that later became the Brigham Young University.

It was  great evening, thanks for coming along, I hope you enjoyed the vicarious stroll.


  1. That garden is amazing! I love touring homes of any age, but historic homes are the most fun!

  2. Hello, I live in Provo and I was wondering if you had the address of the home above. I would love check it out myself. Thanks.