Saturday, June 23, 2012

Polishing Silver

For My Style Saturday I wanted to share one of my favorite gifts, maybe ever!!  My daughter gave me a card for Mother's Day saying she would polish my everyday silver plate flatware.  I told her that would be a lot of work, and thanked her for the thought. 

I came down Thursday morning to my knives drying on a towel.  Then when I came down to eat my cereal Friday morning all the spoons were gone.  Fortunately there was one in with the forks so I could eat.  :-)  They were back, drying on the same towel an hour later.

Friday night she returned the forks she had taken after returnnig the spoons and took the soup spoons and serving pieces.  She was back in a couple of hours.  As you can see I have a lot of flatware.  Wasn't this a lovely gift?  She does live in our basement apartment with her husband and baby, which made it easier, I guess.  She said she polished it all while watching TV and it made her feel more productive.  What a darling girl. 

Thanks Molly!


  1. The best kind of thoughtful gifts! what a sweet girl! =D

  2. Absolutely the best gifts are those that require thought and not much money! What a lovely "thought".

  3. What a wonderful gift and a thoughtful daughter!

  4. Thanks ladies, it is nice to have such a thoughtful act done for me, and nice to know I have managed to raise a thoughtful daughter too.