Friday, June 1, 2012

Punching Your Own Paper Lace.

Today for my Friday Favorites, I am going to share a favorite paper art tool.  If you look at the three items on the right, an invitation, a hang tag and a spring theme clay pot, you will probably see one thing in common.

I have always loved paper lace since I started making Valentines as a child.  Sometimes the straight lace pieces are hard to find, but with this lace cutting tool, you can make your own.

The one I own is part of Martha Stewart's line, but there are other patterns and other makers as well.  I even found that I can do long sections of lace by using cash register tape, as shown below.

In this picture the punch is folded up as you would store it, taking less room.

In this picture it is in its operating position.  With the flaps down, you can reposition your paper after each punch, to allow for the coninuous design.
I hope you have enjoyed sharing one of my favorite tools.

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  1. Sometimes when I make paper lace...I want to punch it! lol! Thanks for the tips...I love Martha's punches. =D