Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spice Tins Looking Vintage!

Yep, its Thrifty Thursday once more, and time to share another thrifty project.  When I first saw this spice set at a garage sale last summer, I knew it had possibilities. 

However this is what it looked like when I found it.  The dark outdated colors were sort of dreary.  I longed to lighten it up and give it softer touches.

I used spray paint I had on hand and painted them white.  I then brushed the wood holder in two colors of blue and then went in search of a great label design.  I found this sweet wreath on Graphics Fairy, and it even came in assorted colors, so of course I choose the blue.

This photo shows the hand brushed details on the rack and on the lids of the individual spice canisters.  I had  a lot of fun with that.

When I was photographing them, I noticed this antique flat basket, and wondered how they would look displayed on it.  I liked seeing one more color in the ocean spectrum added in.  Of course the lace would be impractical in the kitchen, but it still looks sweet.

Thanks for coming along on my thrifty tour. 

Spice Set (Garage Sale) -   $2
paints from stock on hand  -  0
paper and ink from stock on hand.  - 0
Mod Podge from stock on hand - 0


  1. Love, love, love!!! Seriously swooning over here over your makeover. I can't believe they are the same tins!


  2. Those tins look lovely! I love the colors...I'm really loving aqua this year. The only room with that color comb. would be my bathroom...I could label the tins cotton balls, etc. Thanks again, Paula, for the inspiration! =D

  3. Mahvulous! But, I use a lot of dill, and can hardly *imagine* what it would cost to fill that tin, lol!

  4. Super cute!
    I Love


  5. This is so clever! As is the rest of your fun projects here! Glad to find you at the Graphics Fairy!

  6. what a change! so cottagey now...great job!