Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Steampunk Decor Ideas

Wow, its Wednesday again?  Time to record more of my recent wanderings.  If you read my blog about the Acorn Antique Show last Saturday, then you have probably been looking forward to seeing Marci's Amazing Steampunk booth for yourself!!

As you see, I have not been stingy with pictures.  Everything was so amazing I just kept taking more and more pictures.

As you can see she has really outdone herself with old clocks, gears, machinery bits, and antique reinventions.

The eye examine chart to the left is typical of the celebration of a period of time when inventions and innovations grew exponentially.

The charming antique books stripped of their covers and tied up with hand printed and hand died ribbons, each with a gear or other element added, were just charming.

Other inventions from the time of invention, like the phonograph and typewriter are of necessity included in any Steampunk display.

This little typewriter may be later than the Victorian period Steampunkists extol but it is charming none the less.

In addition to Marci's talents, others from Vine Street Antiques in Salt Lake City, were also represented.  The lamp to the left was made by another talented dealer.

There were also amazingly handcrafted jewelry and photo frames compliments of our favorite Steam Punk Diva.

And what SP display would be complete without a huge antique toolbox full of old gears and wheels.

I told Marci that I am thinking about Steampunking my library.  I can't think of another room in any Victorian house that more closely abides by the loosely woven tenants that are Steampunk. She even said she would come down and help!

I hope you enjoyed steaming along on our Steampunk adventure.  I am not sure it will ever be mainstream, but Marci has a way of making it just delightful!!  Thanks Marci for sharing your talents with all of us!!  You are definitely the Jules Vern of Decorating!!


  1. I have never heard of this before. And who thinks up this stuff anyway? But it is so interesting, isn't it, and so fun!

  2. Their booth was definitely amazing! Marci really has a gift for display. Everything she does is incredible!

  3. Where is this booth? I'd love to see it next time I'm in Utah. There are so many neat things that I'd love to have!

    1. They are in Salt Lake at Vine Street Antiques, normally. Its at 4884 S. State .... definitely a different take on deoor. I should take your mom up there some time.