Thursday, May 10, 2012

Let the Season Begin: Thrifty Flea.o.logy Finds

For Thrifty Thursday I wanted to share some of the great deals that I found at flea.o.logy last Saturday.  Above there are two sets of windows, a happy find, and a great deal too. (We are building a garden/green house from reclaimed windows this summer, so stay tuned!) The pair behind, are three panes each and cost me just $15 per window.  The awesome arts and crafts pair in the front were just $20 per window, and I didn't even take them all, I left another set of each for other lucky customers.   The little toy dresser was a real find, I collect them and this one was brought to the sale by my fellow flea.o.logist Jennifer.  I thought it was adorable and had to have it!
I also found these sweet candlesticks with a floral pattern, so charming.  The wire magazine stand is just adorable.  I love the curlicued wire design and the applied flower.  It has an Italian Tole look to it and I just had to have it.  Thanks Michelle for bringing it.
 I also found two more of the little folding chairs that I collect for my parties.  They are from the 40's and 50's and were part of the card table sets that were used for card parties.  I love them because they fold up so narrowly that I can store about 30 of them in a 5 foot space.  Now I just need to paint these to match the rest of my collection and then have a party and invited about 30 people so I can use them all at one time, right?
I am a sucker for children's chairs and found this one in Vicki's booth for just $8, I remember seeing little chairs at Farm Chicks for that price and being so sad that I missed scooping them up.

This wire basket is just right to feed into my current 'wire' phase, even though it is not an antique.  It already has a new home on top of my vintage European cupboard.

Another item that already has a home is the white wood bird cage to the left.  I collect medium size cages to sit on my cake stand collection, figuring they would add more 'birdy' elements to my kitchen, without blocking the view of my tray collection hanging on the wall behind them.  Its a little tricky to find cages the right size, so thanks for bringing this one to the sale Ondelyn!

It almost looks like I spent the whole day scoping out the goodies, but I spent most of the day at the check out desk, and got to browse on my breaks, as Jenn, Cathie, Fred and I took turns.

Of course there were about 2 million other amazing deals I would have bought, but I only saw them as customers brought them up.  I know that there are enough goodies  for everyone, and that nice people share ... right?

Well, it was another great flea market, and it was so fun to get to meet or get reacquainted with some great sellers.  Thanks for coming along and sharing my excitement for my finds.

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