Monday, May 21, 2012

Casserole Holder to Table Plateau.

Its makeover Monday once more.  I wanted to share a quick project that took a phone call, a can of spray paint, some sandpaper and some E6000 glue.
This sweet white table plateau with its amazing lion head and paw legs, started life, most likely, as a casserole holder.  I found it at our last flea.o.logy sale, at the end of the day for just $6.  The legs are cast iron.

It was painted the color in which you see it above.  I loved the color, but knew that it would not match most people's decor and thus might be passed over.  (Above you see it with the mirror I ordered that came in the wrong size, so I set it on top of the frame and used it for my daughters' spa night last week.)

After I spray painted it white, I used some sandpaper to removed some paint.  I like the blue peeking through, and its not enough to clash with any decor color scheme.

Once the glass was recut (the phone call) and glued into place, (With E6000 glue) it was ready to go to the antique show with me this past weekend.  It really turned out to be so charming, but did not sell.  I don't think it will take long though as it is the perfect platform for any centerpiece.  Thanks for coming along on our Make Over Monday, mini-adventure.


  1. It would be perfect for a glittery white Christmas display...Yikes! How much$$$ =D

    1. For you Shirley, $30, shall I hold it at the mall for you?

  2. Beautiful idea! Here from Coastal Charm, and now following you :)


  3. That would be beautiful with some glass etching on there is well. I can't believe it didn't sell, but you are won't be long! Super make-over on this adorable little piece. :)

  4. Why did I not think of that? So pretty, I am really suprised it did not sell. I see these at GW all the time, maybe next time I want pass. Visiting from WOW, and am your newest follower. Have a lovely evening.

  5. Wow great idea! Great transformation. Stop by and link up if you have time

  6. I don't think I have ever run accross one of those, or at least didn't know what it was, do now! Great idea!

  7. What an awesome find. You can do so many different things with this guy! Great job!

  8. oh, it such a great piece to mix in with decor. Great update to a good piece.

  9. I see these all the time at yard sales but I never thought of this! Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower!