Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Abode - Salt Lake City: Antiques!

   Wednesday's Wanderings today, does not take us too far afield.  We find ourselves at Abode in Sugar House, a Suburb of Salt Lake City, and a mere hour's drive for me.

 I love the bright turquoise color of the store ...  My fleaology partner Cathie and I were dropping fliers off for our upcoming flea.o.logy sale (This Saturday - WOOT!) around town and stopped to see our good friend (and first time dealer at flea.o.logy) Stephanie.

Stephie is the former owner of the Pink Door, a favorite spot at several locations in Salt Lake before it closed its pink door and moved into Abode.

Stephie has a fabulous eye and a sense of humor, both of which show up in the whimsy of her decor and the pieces she rehabs.

She actually bought the funky cupboard on the left from my friend Wendy who bought it from me!  I rehabbed it 8 years ago, which tells you just how long we have all been doing these funky renovations.  This cupboard was memorable to me because it was made with small lumber, mostly 1" by 2" and then the side panels and door panels were filled with a dense cardboard.  Definitely a depression "use what you have" era piece.  (Oh but as you see, it has the redeeming factor of an antique bead board back.)

There are just so many things about our trip to abode that made it memorable.  Above you see Stephie and Cathie and a cute friend who just looses her head when she's in an antique store.  Thanks for coming along, and if you live in the area, you should definitely take a peek into Abode, and say hi to Stephanie if she happens to be working that day.

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  1. I could live there! That place looks adorable. Thanks for the mini vacation. :)