Friday, June 29, 2012

Reinventing a Reinvented Desk!

Today, I wanted to share a little reinventing we have been up to.  I bought this organ, minus its guts, at an estate sale about 10 years ago.  I had always wanted an antique 'organ desk', so its missing parts did not bother me. At the time, my dh cut a top for the desk, attatched it, and then I painted it. 

This is what it looked liked when I blogged about it and other goodies last year.  As you can see there is not a lot of storage, so a row of photo boxes served as drawers with desk supplies.

I found these drawers at Farm Chicks last summer.  The dealer said they were from a cabinet that had 'fallen apart' and were just $5 each.  My friend Jenn and I split what she had left... she said they had been her hottest seller, not surprisingly.  I used them in my craft dungeon, just sitting stacked on a shelf, not really maximizing their charm.  After moving them upstairs to the 'new' craft space, it just came to me that they were just the size of my photo boxes and therefore ....

they would fit the same space.  My dh saved the day once more, by cutting and installing the board that would sit on top of the drawers.  I painted the new shelf and drawers.

Now I can not imagine the desk without the drawers, and it will be so much more handy to pull a drawer, rather than taking off a lid, and replacing it later.  It also gives me a narrow shelf perfect for magazines and reams of paper.

Oh, and one other brainchild that was born this week.  I have had this old painted pepsi crate at the antique mall for years.  Everyone wants them with their original printing on the sides, so there it sat.  I was working with Cathie, and wondering about its usefulness for storage, of course thinking of my evolving craft room.  Then it hit me that babyfood jars might fit, and I could sort my buttons into specific colors.  Well Cathie ran to her booth at the antique mall, where she had done some cute jars of vintage buttons in babyfood jars.  The jars did not fit standing up, but when on their sides they fit fine.  Even better, now all you see is the contents of the jar.  I have a bit more jar collecting and button sorting in my future, can you tell?

Thanks for coming along to share my search for organization in my "Room of Requirement"!


  1. Your repurposed desk is a one-of-a-kind work of art!!!!

  2. So Brilliant!! Your mind thinks outside the box. Mimi

  3. I would say your re purposed desk was a lovely organ at one time, huh?????? LOVE this, all of the nooks and crannies and fun architectural stuff!!!! One of a kind for sure!!!!!

  4. Looovvve your craft room!! The desk looks amazing. And I'm happy to have helped you a little here and there! Can't wait to see it in person. . . Cathie

  5. Someday, I want to hear HOW you did the floor! (Not that the rest isn't wonderful, it is.) Just I've got a floor that's going to need painting soon. . . . Don't know if I'm that patient though. xox

  6. Love the new storage in your reinvented reinvented desk. This is a gorgeous piece. I'm jealous. I'm your newest follower.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. I have to admit, I love that desk too. Its not great for storage, even with the new drawers, but I do love the art of the old organs, so we make do!! :-) Welcome!! -P