Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red Transferware Collection

Today was crazy, I had to finish the cleanup from last night's event, then got things together for another dinner party tonight.  With three events in three days, I am wiped out.  So, I thought I would share a long time collection of mine.

I love transferware.  I have collected blue, green, brown and red.  Red is probably my favorite.

The two plate to the left are the best of my collection.  The top one was a gift from my friend Wendy and the bottom one was a gift from my sister Julie.  They both date to the mid 1800's.  Note the high ridge around the center of the plate on both .  I also think the patterns are charming, and much more intricate than later transferware.

Transferware is produced by carefully arranging a pattern printed on tissue paper onto an unfired plate.  During firing, the paper burns away, leaving the pattern on the plate.  The first transferware patterns were brought to Europe from China.   The first pattern and the one that is most common, is Blue Willow, which has a strong Asian element, and you have probably seen it before.  Some people even call all blue transferware 'blue willow', though it actually refers to a single pattern. Blue is the most common color of transferware.  One thing you may not know is that there is actually red willow as well, though, of course, it is much later.  I read the book, The Blue Willow Plate as a child, and loved it.

I have my transferware displayed in this great Eastern European cupboard.  It is one of those that came in a container shipment and sold at a local antique store.    I love the lines, though it is likely from the 1930's or later, so not really an antique.  Still, very charming and a favorite piece of mine.

Thanks for coming along to share my red transferware addiction.


  1. I'm very ignorant of glassware or dishes names. So I had no idea that was called red transferware. I've always loved that stuff. So pretty!

  2. I'm so envious of your transferware collection! I've collected blue & white for years, but wish I had picked up red & white when it was still affordable. And your cupboard! Love it!!

  3. I love transferware too. I have lots of blue, some red, and a few brown. Your craft room is coming along nicely. Mimi

  4. I used to have lots of red transferware, but I sold it all! I should have given it all to you Paula!

  5. thank you for sharing a bit of the history of transferware and I love your red! I have just a few precious pieces of the red and display in the French country family room. I will only use them at Christmas. Have a wonderful weekend. ~