Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Wandering to a Bed of Roses

This week my Wednesday's Wanderings have taken me (and my friend Cathie) to one of my favorite stores many miles from home in Farmington.  On our way to our Mecca, we stopped at a garage sale on Main Street in Farmington, and though the merchandise did not catch our eye, the side wilderness on the property certainly did.  The kind owner offered us a tour, and imagine our delight at finding a hammock, for a quick photo op.

Looking at Cathie resting momentarily, its hard to imagine that we are just 50 feet off a busy main street, small town albeit.  But push on we must, since we know that Brenda is just back from Farm Chicks, with goodies ala her travels through Idaho and Montana ... we can hardly wait.

What a welcome site ... I love the pairing of the 'happiness' sign with the suitcase.  Brenda and her shop mate Joni both have a wonderful knack for display.

Love the eggs, so amazingly charming, and the pillow to the right is not far behind in my estimation.
 Of course loving antique ephemera as I do, I couldn't stop gazing at the soaps wrapped in vintage  catalogue pages and finished with a small key.  Another bit of Joni's handiwork I am sure, so simple and yet so adorable!

The fun-key antique rake jewelry rack above is fresh from Farm Chicks, as was a darling youth bed metal headboard that Cathie could not resist.  (Sorry I didn't snap of picture of it, but take my word it is adorable!!) 
Of course it was a lovely trip, as always, and the artists in us were well fed ... and of course taking away our sweetly decorated shopping bags is always a treat!  Sorry we missed you this trip, Brenda, but it was great to catch up with Joni. 

If you live anywhere along the Wasatch front, be sure to stop by Just a Bed of Roses, you won't regret the time or effort!!


  1. I realize that there was a lot more to this post than the hammock, but I got so STUCK in that hammock. I want one. What an escape to a wonderful and comfy spot! Love the other shots too, btw. :-)

    1. Thanks, the hammock was amazing. I need one too .... something so deliciously lazy about them!

  2. I need to get up there...I haven't been to her shop in quite awhile. It would be a nice little summer drive! xo

  3. Hammock looks so restful in the shade. Lucky you.
    From what I saw in those shots of the store I'd go crazy. What alot of wonderful goodies. Good thing I don't live in your area or I'd be in trouble all the time. Think I should have been a picker. I love to travel and go round seeing goodies anywhere. Maybe I'll have to see if Frank and Mike would let me cruise along with them (American Pickers on History channel).When I watch the show I see so many goodies I'd like to buy from places they stop. Heaven to me.