Saturday, June 30, 2012

Springville Art Museum Spring Salon 2012

For My Saturday Style, I wanted to share a bit of a wander I had in our local art museum last week.
 I took pictures of my favorite exhibits, so enjoy.
The museum was built as a project by Springville High Students in the 1920's.  It has housed many, many famous traveling works of art.

This show was their Spring Salon, and all exhibits were done by local artists.  I spoke with the docent, who said she was one of the students who helped build up the permenant exhibits as a student there in the late 40's.  

I told her how amazed I was by the stunning quality of this juried show.  She said she remembers how they brought in borrowed works for years, as this quality was not available locally. 

I was pleased to find this bronze sculpture by my cousin Debbie's husband, James Avati.  She met him in art school, not surprisingly, and they are both working artists today.  His sculpture of a airman during WWII won an award in the show.

These two metal scuptures have sort of Steampunk themes, don't you think?  There were also paintings that looked a little Steampunk.

I really liked the collage style of this pair of paintings.  There is a closeup of what appears to be the focal point of each to the right.

Below are the two paintings as they hung side by side.

This wonderful dimensional work was a bit of everything.  A bit of sculpture, a bit of collage, a bit religious Renaissance, a bit altered art and even a little bit Steampunk.  I was awed, and have taken several pictures of details so you too can enjoy it.  I stood in front of it for a good 15 minutes and I am trying to find the time to go back and commune a bit more.

The work was done by Heather Campbell of Logan.  She was born in 1952.  Unfortunately the piece was not for sale, but I can't imagine selling something so full of one's efforts and heart.  A bit like selling a child perhaps.  Thanks for coming along for the art museum tour.  If you are local, be sure to stop by now, as this show ends tomorrow.


  1. What gorgeous works of art. How fun would that painting of the striped elephant be in a child's room?!

    1. Oh yes, I thought the same thing. So cheerful.

  2. I first saw Heather Campbell's work at Polymer Clay and was fascinated by the detail and design in her pieces. I spent a lot of time looking at her website
    I might take one of her online classes to learn how she gets polymer clay to stick to slick surfaces like bottles.