Thursday, June 28, 2012

Le Fleur Canister

So, for Thrifty Thursday, I thought I would share a quote I grew up with. 'Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.'  I am pretty sure it came out of the 30's, when the depression made people into the original recyclers. 
 I bought four gallon reproduction coffee jars with lids to use for canisters several years ago.  I don't much like stuff on my counters so eventually three of them were relegated to holding craft supplies.

The only one remaining was the one I used for my whole wheat flour.  Since we grind it ourselves, there is no packaging to tuck it away into the cupboard with.  However, with my recent craft room move and set up, I was wishing I had more of the gallon coffee jars and thought ... If I can just find something to replace it, I can fill it with craft goodness too.  When I was bringing up another craft load, I found this oversized canister.  It is from the 50's and cute, but didn't fit in the craft room.  (The antique doorknobs it once held actually found a home in the former flour jar.)  Since it didn't match ....

A little spray paint, a graphic from Graphics Fairy, some Modpodge (3 coats to be exact) and a clear sealer and it now holds more flour than the gallon jar did by half.  The only problem is, that now I want to redo the pink breadbox ... and while I am at it, the black and white checkered tile counters I want would look so much better with the canister and redone breadbox, don't you think?

Thanks for checking out my latest thrifty craft.  Did you catch my pun?  My Prince did, which was a big surprise.  Thanks all!


  1. Very beautiful reinvention, I like it very much, the transformation is from sky to earth, very well done, thanks for sharing.

    1. One thing always leads to another doesn't it? Love your "new" canister. You're so lucky to have so much of the original trims in your adorable home. Mimi

  2. I love how it turned out. Great job...Connie

  3. I like that saying! That's something to live by for sure. I'm trying really hard to just use what I have on hand but it's challenging to keep myself out of the craft stores sometimes. Thanks so much for sharing at Etcetorize this week~