Monday, July 9, 2012

Divided Nursery Table

For our Makeover Monday's 'before' picture you will need to use your imagination.  This piece is a marriage of an antique wicker baby bassinet stand, sans the bassinet, of course, and the tray out of an wooden army foot locker.  Both items were in my 'goody' pile just waiting for the right mate.

When I realized that the base fit the tray perfectly, I had my dh put them together for me,which took just a few minutes.
 I then brush painted the resulting divided table on wheels in a creamy antique white.
I thought it would be great for stacking toys or diapers in a nursery, and that stamping the alphabet around the edge would add charm.  After some measuring I knew I would need to add something else, and since I have always loved this silhouette of a rabbit that I found on Graphics Fairy, it seems like the perfect touch.  I printed it off, and then cut it out while holding two pieces of paper that were black with tiny white polka dots.   This gave me two leaping rabbits, one for each side, which I then decoupaged in place.  After sealing them with a clear spray, I used permanent ink to stamp the letters of the alphabet around the top.

Thanks for coming along and bringing your imagination, so that you can picture that army green tray attached to the top of the antique bassinet stand.


  1. Incredibly charming! Love it. . . . .

  2. That is adorable! I love the alphabet going around it and the bunnies, too. It would be perfect in a nursery!