Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Broadstone Tour: Part Two

For our Wednesday wander it is time for a peek at another couple of rooms in my historic house.
 Last week in part one, we saw the parlor and dining room.  This week we will see the kitchen and family room.
I have a big black reproduction stove that is made to look like your great grandma's wood burning stove.  When I wanted to do the kitchen in pink, I knew I would have to compromise with the stove, so the color scheme became pink and black.

I collected these hand painted tole trays from the 40s and 50s for a couple of years to get enough to go above my cabinets, on both sides of the kitchen.

As you can see I did the chairs to match the tole trays.  The small table between the chairs is actually an 1800's tea cart, so when its just my dh and I for a meal we put up the leaves and eat in the kitchen, quite comfortably.

The family room is the interior of an addition, which was added during the depression when the house was broken up into apartments.    Its color scheme was decided by the shabby green and white door shown here.  I found it at Confetti Antiques, and since we had planned to replace the window in this wall with a door that would lead directly to our patio area, it was perfect.

The room is ten feet wide and twenty five feet long. When we bought the house it was a tiny bedroom, utility room and a couple of closets. We wanted a more casual gathering place, so combined those spaces into this long, but functional room.

Thanks for coming along to see a bit more of Broadstone.  Next week we will go upstairs to view a couple of bedrooms.  See you then!

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  1. Great collection of toleware trays! I have a small collection myself. That door is fabulous!