Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blue Chairs that POP!

Last weekend my daughter did a little kitchen redo while her husband was off camping with the guys.  She painted the chairs this amazing blue and then upholstered the seats in a charming modern swirl.

Above you can see the chair before the process ... and here is the girl herself!!  I even got to dip a paint brush myself, and it was fun to work together.  I also got to teach her the easiest way to upholster the seats and they turned out great!! 

Way to go Emily, they look great!!


  1. They look great! And M looks great. And are you going to show/tell the easiest way to reupholster chair seats?


  2. GReat chairs, love the color and fabric you two used on the seats. I had an English pub dining set which I changed the fabric on the seats several times. I didn't get to paint the chairs as hubs said no very emphatically. Wish I still had that set, had to leave it in MT when we moved. Like Mother like daughter looks like. Good time to do that project, while her hubby gone.