Thursday, July 5, 2012

The French Breadbox!

Yep its thrifty Thursday once more, and another essentially free project.  OK, really, sort of an extension of last Thursday's project. 

I think last Thursday I mentioned that I was tempted to do the breadbox to match, and voila!!
 I also found another canister at the antique mall, that was too faded to sell, and made it into the sugar canister.  Now I want that black and white counter more than ever!!!!

Alas, at the moment my prince is out fighting dragons building me my dream garden cottage, and we don't want to disturb that process.  Here is a picture of my 5 year old granddaughter sitting in one of the framed windows of the garden house ... can I just say I am getting more excited every day?
Thanks for coming along and sharing another thrifty Thursday.  (Flowers compliments of Graphics Fairy)


  1. As usual you have done a beautiful job...I can just visualize that checkered counter top. =D

  2. Thanks for sharing it at Shabbilicious Friday.