Monday, July 23, 2012

flea.o.logy; flea market fun!

This past Saturday we hosted the second outdoor flea.o.logy sale of the year.  We had 35 dealers, which included everything from traditional antique dealers to crafters, with most booths having a mix of both.

Above is pictured the customers waiting for the bank clock across the street to indicate 8:00!! 
Let the shopping begin! 

We had several new dealers this time.  Changing from our cumbersome central checkout system to paying at each space meant loosing some dealers who did have the inclination to stay all day and man their own spaces.

Miss Fits, is a group of artists.  They are sisters whose maiden name was Fit.  They also share space with their talented mother.

My gift to myself this flea.o.logy was one of the junque robots shown above done by Penny Jones, the mother of the Miss Fits.  I thought these were the nicest, and mostly charmingly detailed artist robots I have seen!!

Other crafted contributions included ...

Altered art notebooks...

Anthropology style stacked candle sticks ...

and doll part book marks ...

... and of course, lots and lots of traditional antiques and collectibles.

This picture of one of my displays was taken by my friend Cathie.  She's a fab photographer.  If you want to see more flea.o.logy pics, keep watch on our blog for the next week or so.  I think you will be charmed by our event!!


  1. Look at all those white ptichers for sale! It looks like a beautiful day to hold an outdoor event.

  2. Could have made it on the rained out day, but not on the revised day...darn it! Looks like it was a great sale Paula with some really cool stuff! xo