Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Broadstone Tour: Part Three

Yep, its time for still more Wednesday's Wanderings, as we continue with a tour of my house.  Today I am sharing two upstairs bedrooms. 
 This tiny guest room is just 8 ft by 9 ft.  It was originally a plant conservatory and has two walls full of windows, which makes it hard to photograph.   In talking to other people who have lived in the house, I know it was rented as a 'room' at one time.  Another renter used it for a nursery.  Still another for a sewing room.  It was my craft room at one time, until I outgrew its storage capacity.  My grandchildren, who sleep over here, call it the 'Princess Tower' ... it really does have a bit of Rapunzel about it.

This is the master bedroom,  Its a roomy 15 by 15 feet.  In the original house it was used as a guest room.   When we first bought the house and I visited one of the original owners of the house, she told me she was born in this room.  Her mother, as was typical in 1910, came home to her mother's house to have her baby.

As you can see, I love the sculptural appeal of old windows.  I am also rather partial to the original oil painting of Peter Pan in the picture to the right.  I found it at the estate sale of a professional magazine illustrator, and fell in love.  I really am a sucker for anything related to the old children's classics!!  Guess that is the old school teacher in me.
 Thanks for coming along on another part of the house tour.  Next week we will wander into the library and my  newly appointed, and larger, craft room.  See you then!


  1. That Peter Pan painting is one of my favorite pieces in your house along with the lady painting in the dining room. Lucky girl! xo

  2. Such a fun room for grandkids sleepovers! They just don't make houses like yours anymore. Mimi

  3. Oh, those stained glass windows!!! Enchanting place!