Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sewing Caddy

Yep, here I am back in my craft room, or should I say my Room of Requirement.  Trying to find a home for everything, so everything will have a place.  I wound several factory spools with loose lace and ribbon, which was very functional, but where to put them?  I had this, not so old, metal flower pot with chickens on it, sort of French Country, but not the look I am going for here.

I did like the form, and the cute feet, so I spray painted it white and found a couple of graphics related to sewing on Graphics Fairy and did the reverse decoupage method of application.  After stamping 'sew fun' on it, and sealing it, it was ready to hold my spools of lace and ribbon... and now it has the look of my craft room, don't you think?
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Really Lovely Pollyanna! Nice job!

  2. Your container looks great. I took some of her images and put them on my mini drawers for organizing, so when my daughter says...where is the sewing stuff I can say look for the drawer with the sewing machine. Thanks for sharing at the Graphic's Fairy.